Happy Sunday everyone!

One month ago I received a hair product through at I have some alergy and I can not use normal hair products. That is the reason why I choose for vegan hair products. This product is also vegan and sulfate and paraben free. The name of the product is TRUE SOFT ARGAN OIL.

Vegan products are a far better choice if you want to improve the health of your hair (and therefore its shine and beauty) without harming the environment.  Vegan products contain a higher quantity of natural and organic ingredients, and absolutely no animal by-products. The argan oil quickly absorbes and makes the hair smooth and eliminates frizz. Colour Guard Complex protects and maintains the colour in colour treated hair.

Why is veganism becoming so much more mainstream? In addition to concerns about animal welfare, opting for a plant-based diet and lifestyle can help protect the planet, reducing greenhouse gases exponentially.

I try this products during a month and this is the results:

The product is very easy to use
It is not a greasy product for the hair
The hair is easy to comb
It smells very good

I am simply obsessed with this product! I use this multiple times a day to keep my waist length hair soft and healthy. This product works great on wet or dry hair and soaks in very quick! My hair feels more softer! It also gives a shiny, soft and beautifully-smelling hair and I would recommend it for all hair types. I am using it every day.  The packaging and the colour is also very nice.

I hope you like this review about the TRUE SOFT ARGAN OIL.

Here is the link for the product:

Have a nice and lovely week!

Lots of love,

Esra Elif

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