The corsed belts are back!
This black belt is now six years old I think!
I bought it from H&M.

Corset belts are now worn over sweaters, T-shirts and even jackets. In principle, I’m totally up for

that.The outfit looks cooler with the belt than without. It’s clearly an eyecatcher, and a simple way to pimp a regular outfit with some style. I’m really happy with how this outfit turned out!

You have to try on the outfit, try a bunch of belts in different styls and work out for your unique shape which you prefer.  You are most likely to find that thin belts work better with some outfits for you and wide belts for others.   Belts can add a nice finishing touch!

Belt // H&M
Jeans // Zara
Blouse // Stradivarius
Boots // Stradivarius
Bag // Zara

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