Helle everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend! Say bye to the weekend and hello for a new busy week!
New week, new chances!
How are you preparing what you want to wear? Do you put your clothes ready the day before?
Most of the time when I have to do it the same day in the morning I’ll be stressed!

So most of the time I’ll be do it a day before!

When I have an important meeting I always wear a black pant or a black jeans with a blouse & blazer. My high waisted pant from MANGO was faded. I think you can council why!

I wear it every week 🙂

I am addicted to 100 % cotton clothes. For sweaters, cardigans is a good choice. But not for pants!
Because the color faded faster! The pant of ZARA is a mix with viscose & polyester (I am also not fan of polyester). But it’s a mix so the quality is good. My advice is check the material before you buy the item.

So I really had to buy a new one. This high waisted pant is from ZARA from the new collection.  Instead of a blouse I choose for a thin jersey. The color is not burgundy and even NOT red. And for a really business look I choose for a black long blazer. You can wear the pant in so many ways! I think I’ll be post another blog with the same pant but with a  different look :).

I wish you all a nice week!

Lots of love,

Esra Elif!

I love that LACE effect! It’s chique and elegant!

It was a rainy weather when we take the pictures and rather difficult to make pictures.

Pant // Zara – New collection
Jersey // Massimo Dutti – New collection
Blazer // H&M
Shoes // Asos

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