How beautiful is this necklace which I received from Rosafier. I love handmade jewellery. Especially when they have pretty details. Like this Vintage necklace. It is a lovely mix of different colors.

The necklace is made by the Labradorite stone. The Labradorite is an iridescent stone; it shows all colours of the rainbow.

So, you can combine this necklace with everything! The beautiful gemstone Labradorite has many different appearances and immediately draws all attention with its special greyish blue pattern, that changes depending on the way the light falls on it.

Did you know that Labradorite works for a better concentration? Did you also know that you can work for a better special goal?

Yes, I also did not know that! But that is the reason why I loved gemstone with a handmade touch! You can order this beautiful necklace through the website of Rosafier. You can find the direct link on below this page.
Rosafier is established in 2017 byMartje Damhuis en Jurian Kerssies. Most of the jewellery are handmade and silver!

And most of the jewellery are very unique. So, if you like a one… don’t wait to long!

And if you order a jewellery it’s so lovely packed, like a present for someone else, but directly for yourself. You know what I mean! If you order before 15.00 o’clock you have the product/jewellery next day!

And last but not least the delivery is free!


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