Happy Friday!

Finally a new blog about my workstyle!

I have an obsession with faux leather pants. I can’t stop wearing them! 1) They work with everything in the closet. 2) They make you look like a boss. 3) They’re bank account friendly – woohoo!

There are no style limitations when it comes to high-waisted pants, which is why I love this faux leather pair so much. Pair them with a shorter blouse or crop top and add a long sweater or jacket for interest. Not in love with short blouses? Simply wear your favorite longer style top and no one will know whether your pants are high-waisted or not.

A musthave KEY item in your wardrobe. I am lately addicted to nude colours even in my house.

This blazer is from my Mother’s wardrobe. The top is from Stradivarius and I am wearing the crop top often with my pants or high waisted skirts. Perfect with a blazer!

I hope you like this work office wear.

Lots of love,


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