Hello May!
Most of you ask me about my hair and which products I use.

Four years ago I decided to not buy hair dye any more. Because I found out that I am allergic for chemicals. I was very shocked but my skin was after I used products (for example) Elvive Loreal, Gühl shampoo full of pustules very awful!

So, four years ago I start to do my hair treatmant at Müfide. Best choice ever. You can trust it. Müfide exactly nows what you need and that matches your preferences. Müfide Enschede welcomes you very warmly.

I get got acquainted with the products of Aveda. But after four year with Aveda, it exhibits all of the issues that I have mentioned here: straw-like, breaking off, dry, weak, thin. I thought it was my health or the water or something else…. but it all makes sense now, it started when I switched to Aveda! I love the product Aveda light elements, smoothing fluid.

I have a nice collab with Müfide. In the context of Mother’s day we want to do a give a way! Stay tuned for more and follow the Instagram page of Müfide.

If you are in Enschede you definitely  have to visit MUFIDE!

The address:

Van Loenshof 10, Enschede

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