L A C E & Y E L L O W S T Y L E


L A C E, B L A C K, W H I T E & Y E L L O W

Lace looks so chic and it is a classic style that never goes out of fashion.
It is so fashionable! Lace tops and dresses are the feminine dainty pieces in this time.

Whether for work or a night out, you can wear it with so many things.
I think for work wear it with a trouser and for a casual day with jeans.

Red, yellow, and blue are the three primary colors. With paints and dyes, all colors can theoretically be made from these three primary colors.

I love to match a colorful peace with black and white. Perfect style for a office day. I wear my high waisted wide trouser with a lace blouse. I also can wear this wide trouser with casual sneakers/shoes. Check my link Hortus Botanicus for another combo of this wide high waisted trouser. The link: http://www.esraelif.com/hortus-botanicus/

I think yellow and black is a lovely combination. I also know a lot of people who say that yellow isn’t flattering on them. But yellow look fabulous with a black and white outfit and makes the overall. Just mixt it up!

Color matching is just as important as finding the perfect fit! It is also a perfect long blazer for a black jeans. This item is also perfect for a holiday. I love to take clothes/items which is colorful. You can make so lovely pictures!


Long blazer // Zara
Trouser // Zara
Blouse // H&M
Shoes // Asos
Watch // Cluse

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