Stress, we all experience it. We live busy lives filled with things to do, places to be, things to organize and so on. Last week I was invited at Praktijk Mijn Lijf for a massage treatment and to try it out.

Praktijk Mijn Lijf is specialized in so many massage techniques. Check the website (below on the page) for more information about the massage techniques. 

For every person is another massage techniques. Fatima (the owner) ask before the treatmant about your health and what kind of massage you want and need.

She let’s you feel how the techniques are and she gives advice which one better is or she makes a mix of various massage techniques.

I tried the relax,- cupping,- and weight loss massage. Unfurtunately I have whiplash because of the car accidents. So, the massage was absolutely very good. I felt so good! And I think I will do it often.


I felt reborn and could sleep well and next day I did my training very well!

“More often than not [that stress] tends to manifest in the shoulders and neck.”

Massage increases and improves circulation. It improves sleep cry less and be less stress and it relieves headeaches.

Fatima also gives me a Rhassoul mask. I did not try it yet, but I will give a review in other blog. I am so curious! I love organic products.

Praktijk Mijn Lijf located at Aristoteleslaan 36, Huizen. For my Dutch friends; it’s close to Amsterdam, Utrecht & Amersfoort!

The website Praktijk Mijn Lijf


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