Oh sunday! Sunday is for relaxing and me time! I love to try new beauty things like this Ghassoul mask.

A ghassoul face mask is easy to use and can be made at home very quickly.

All you need to do is mix 3 teaspoons of ghassoul with equal parts warm water to make a creamy paste and apply it directly to the face after lightly cleansing the skin. It is sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and is often used in spas for skin and hair. I used for my skin and the results was amazing. The next time I want to try it for my hair!

I received this mask from ‘Praktijk Mijn Lijf’
Fatima is the owner of Praktijk Mijn Lijf. If you need some massage or organic beauty products you have to go to Praktijk Mijn Lijf! I also tried the Hotstone massage. It was a good experience and you feel so comfortable! Fatima exactly knows what you need and after the massage you can feel the ‘zen’. She also adjust the massage to your wishes.
The address:
Aristoteleslaan 36, 1277 AS Huizen
I hope you like this blogpost!

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