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I am back after two months! Fresh blog about healthy skin! 

Before my holiday I went to my favourite beauty center ‘Dreamskin’ for a fractional laser treatment

Laser treatments, though more invasive than many topical skin care options are increasingly popular treatments. Laser technology can treat a number of skin conditions.  In fact, studies prove that the fractional  treatment not only reduces the effects of aging on the skin, but also reverses existing signs of aging, including:

  • Acne and other trauma-related scars
  • Age Spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet
  • Smoker’s Lines

After just one treatment, skin appears significantly healthier, rejuvenated, and smoother than prior to the treatment.

Normally I have during my holiday pustule on my face. But this year my skin was amazing glowed. I was so happy that I did this treatment before holiday! Good to know; the treatment is a little bit painful but the results are amazing! After the treatment your skin needs time to recover. 

The recovery time depends on the fractional laser that was used and the intensity of the treatment. After an intense treatment your skin is red and irritated, and especially the next day is not easy. Chances are you will wake up with a face like an exploded strawberry. Then don’t panic: it’s all part of it. After about four to six days you will notice that a baby skin appears.
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I hope you like this blog! 

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