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Flip Cover Vs. Back Cover – What do you prefer for your smartphone?

Two months ago I dropped my iPhone twice and the front and back was broken! Until this time I never ever dropped my iPhone, so it was definitely horrible to see my iPhone. So, please be careful with your phone!

So I decided to choose a good flip cover for my iPhone. A real leather flip cover and maybe you don’ t believe it… I was at Hudson Bay to pay and I dropped my iPhone again. Lucky me – because of the flip cover – my iPhone did not broken! So, the iPhone is even tested with this beautiful leather vintage flipcover.
I love the dark burgundy color and vintage detail. It suits my style. It is pretty to use and very chic! 

During my citytrip at Spain I used this flipcover as a wallet. Inside the flipcover you can use it for your cards or documents. During a citytrip I do not prefer to take my wallet, because I have so many cards and always afraid that I loose my wallet. So this iPhone case is a handy item to use! I only take important cards with me. The flip covers provide a complete protection by securing both the screen and back from smudges, scratches and also prevents accidental touch inputs on the screen.

Here is the link for the iPhone flipcover case

And it is on sale now! As I said before I tested the iPhone and it is a very good flipcover if you often dropped your phone this flipcover is the best way to protect your phone. Many thanks to Hoesjes Outlet for this awesome classy flipcover.

So, what are your preferences with the protection options for your smartphone?

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