Hello everyone!

One week ago I was invited to Antalya Body Change at Nijkerk. Antalya Body Change Nijkerk opened the doors at 19th January 2019.

The salon consists of three treatment rooms and offers various treatments to adjust the figure correction. Among other things, one can go for fat removal, tightening of the skin, pain relief, anti-stress treatment, connective tissue massage and a drainage treatment. Visitors must get a tour through the treatment rooms.

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Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago I was invited for a beauty treatment at Dreamskin. You will be welc

omed very nice with tea or beauty shot drink! Before the beauty treatmant Dreamskin did a skin check.

I always think that the condition of my face is very good. But unfortunately the products which I currently use is not enough anymore.

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And where better to start than in the heart and hearth of the home, the kitchen?
To choose a new kitchen?! It’s the most difficult en expensive investment. In this blog I want to give some advice and my experience about it. You also can see the before after pictures.

First of all I search on internet for inspiration. You can find through Instagram and Pinterest so many photos.
Maybe you don’t believe it, but I went to 10 kitchen stores. Because every kitchen store gives another advice. Some stores more and important information then you think.
I choose for a monochromatic Cottage Kitchen, WHITE with ANTHRACITE color.
The stone counter top is granite. I really love that color combination. White offers a relaxing a calming feeling.
Fresh & clean. So, the contrasts is the top granite.

Granite is a very hard stone and 100 percent natural. It’s mined from quarries all around the world, cut down to a manageable size, and then polished to a fine finish. Granite countertops should be cleaned daily with soap and water or a mild household cleaner. Some oils and acids can stain so do your homework first to avoid stains.

Consider your budget and specific needs before making a decision. I choose for a MDF door, because is relatively durable as a substrate and very stable.

Last but not least I choose for Siemens Studioline products, for the dishwashing, cooling and oven. During my student time I worked for Marskramer and Blokker. Lucky me! Because I had so much kitchen equipment purchased. But

– Go to different kitchen stores

– Think about the style

– Ask for 3D drawing

– Think about the materials

– Think about the format

– Don’t say your exactly budget! 

I hope you like this blogpost!

This is the before picture. It was a very old kitchen.

I am a tea and Turkish coffee lover!

I really love this nude colours in the kitchen.

Very handy in the kitchen. Especially during cooking.

I love this retro kettle. I bought it through the webshop of

I love to be organized.

I am also a big fan of English tea cups. I buy them from a second hand store.

As you as can see I organize  the tableware in color.

I really love this glasses. Once I found them ugly, but now I am in love with it. Very handy for smoothie and chic when you have guests. I bought the glasses at Ikea & Action.