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Some of my followers asked me about the results of Image Skin Care products.

I bought the products through the beautycenter ‘Dreamskin’. Check the website

You can make an appointment at Dreamskin to check the health of your skin. So, I first did a healthy check. I had a lot of pores on my skin.

And the products which I used was not good enough. So, I decided to try the Imagine Skin Care products.

For my daily routine I used the:

1) Ormedic balancing facial cleanser 2) Intens brightening serum 3) Daily ultimate protection moisturazir.

And ones a week I used the Ageless total facial cleanser and total repair creme.

I can not use this products everyday, because of the substances. My face/skin need time to use it more in a week.

I am using this products since January. I feel that the structure of my face is much better and my face is glowing. But my skin on my chin is not how I want it. I think it takes time! I also don’t use foundation anymore. I only use a concealer.

I am happy with the products. But to have to best results it’s important to do a beauty treatment as well. But my advice is to do a health check. Because you can see everything and you know which products is the best for your skin/face.

You also can do various beauty treatment! I did the fruit acid treatment. Fruit acid facial treatments use acids derived from fruit, which are thought to stimulate collagen levels and improve tone and texture of the skin and may reduce wrinkles, age spots,  You also can do the fractional laser or micro needling!

Check the Instagram page of Dreamskin for more!

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Hello everyone!

Sometimes weekend get away to a sunny place is the most best thing you can do. My dear friend booked a ticket and hotel and surprised me very well.

One month ago I was at Sevilla / Cordoba – Spain. The weather was so sunny – 22 degrees!
I still can not imagine our stay at the Silken Al-Andalus Palace. Beautiful hotel with amazing big rooms. It was also a nice place to make lovely pictures.

The first day we went to the Alcázar is, in my opinion, the top sight in Sevilla. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best examples of Moorish architecture in Spain. Built in the 1300’s, it was the royal palace of the Moorish kings and the upper floors are still used today as the official Sevilla residence of the Royal family. Fantastic Islamic architecture, lavish and extensive gardens with ponds and fountains. Exquisite. Definitely a musthave to see! We bought the tickets online, 20 euros each person to skip the lines. I did not excepted but we spend 4/5 hours!

After visiting the Alcázar we went to the center and did some shopping. I just still can’t believe, but I bought shoes (again) blouses just for 40 euros, 6 pieces! Sevilla is definitely a place to see it again!

The next day we went to Cordoba. I bought the train tickets for Cordoba before the fligh. It was each person 30 euros to Cordoba. You can spend one day at Cordoba. The reason that I choosed for Cordoba was to see the he Mezquita – one of the most incredible sights you’ll ever see It is both a UNESCO site as well as one of the “12 Treasures of Spain”. What makes the building so incredible are the mix of styles. The Mezquita is considered one of the two best examples of Islamic architecture in Andalusia. So much incredible beautiful details. Definitely a musthave to see!

The next day we went to the centrum of Sevilla and we walk to the Metropol Parasol.
Mushrooms of Seville , also known as Metropol Parasol architect Jürgen Mayer project is the wooden structure of the world’s largest and construction was carried out with the aim of renewing the Plaza de la Encarnación in Seville, in the autonomous community of Andalusia (Spain).

Our flight was with Ryanair and it was a comfortable flight. If you need some sun, go to Sevilla in February!

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