Happy Monday!

This summer I bought a few pants from Mango at the sale. The pants of Mango fits perfect for me. And this pant is one of my favorite! I can wear it with high heels or with a basic black or white t-shirt and sneakers!

The shoes matcht perfect with my pink bag. Sometimes it’s very hard to find the similar color! Lucky me! Another week another chances!

Happy week everyone⭐️ Quote of the week:

And always look on the pink side of life!


Hello everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend! A new brings new chances and oppurtunities.

I am borned and raised in Holland but I have never been see this beautiful beach Bloomingdale (Bloemendaal aan Zee). Scheveningen beach is also beautiful but Bloomingdale was amazing. Not to much people and the sea was much cleaner!

We did a short break at the Bloomindale Beach club.

Definetely a place to visit again!

Have a nice week!

Bloomingdale beach club


Hello everyone!

After a busy week finally time for a new blogpost! In this blog I want to tell you about a shampoo! Yes a shampoo and not outfit post!

My friend Hava gives me lovely present for my birtday! Shampoo from Lush! That’s the reason for the title of the name: the lush effect!

And guess.. I am so in love with this shampoo! It gives more volume at my hair. And the last time I received so many compliments about my hair. And duriny my weekend get away in Milaan I really did nothing with my hair.

I am very thankful for this lovely present. Because it is also very easy for travelling!

So, this blog is not sponsored :).

This is the link of the shampoo and the name is Seanik:


Another favorite product is the massage bar ‘Tender is the Night”. I am obsessed!

This is the link of the massage bar:


T H E B l O C K S K I R T

Happy friday everyone!

It was a very busy week for me! A month ago I told about the Floreiza look! I am working with Floreiza to create every week a look which you can wear daily or to the office

This is another outfit from Floreiza Enschede. Floreiza is an Italian brand! I love to wear midi skirts to work. This outfit is perfect after work for a dinner! The high heels are very classy. The top is timeless and you wear it with everything!

I hope you like this blogpost!

Lots of love,




Another hotpots to visit is Corso Como! This is a very elite botantic place! My advice is to drink coffee only 🙂 Because this place is very expensive.

Hello everyone! Last weekend I enjoyed my time at Milan. I see a lot in two days! I hope this blog give you some inspiration about city tour at Milan!

Milan based architecture studio Stefano Architect has designed an outstanding project. The name of the project is Bosco Verticale. Amazing, isn’t? You need a good job because the prices started around 5000 euro :). 


Cimitero Monumentale is established in 1866. It was designed by architect Carlo Maciachini. You can see a lot of small houses or Greek temples. Very impressive to see! Definitely a musthave to visit and see!

Piazza Del Duomo

The architecture and the ambiance was amazing. So many details. You definitely have to visit to see the inside and outside! The painting is Aurelio Luini 1592. It was oil on canvas. It is coming from the capitular of the Milan Cathedral.

Yes I am ice cream addicted. This ice-cream was awesome! It is close to Duomo and the name is CASA INFA NTE. You really have to try the ice cream here! 


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

It is the oldest active shopping mall. You need a lot of creditcards I think to buy something.

Brera district

Colour colour colour. Beautiful apartments with lovely colours. Amazing streets! Lovely district to visit! 

Navigli it is located at the southwest of the famous Milan Cathedral. It is near by two canals.  The Naviglio Grande is the oldest canal in Milan.

 Every time when I do a citytrip is one of my favourite activity:

Lunch at the park! Can I please back to this bakery?? The name of the bakery is Pattini and the street name is C. So Garibaldi 93. It is close to the Parca Semipina. A very big park to do a break!

When at Milan you have to visit Ottimo Masimo. The coffee, the yoghurt everything even the staff is lovely! It is very close to Duomo and the prices are normal!

Am I shoes addicted? Yes! Definitely! But the prices of this shoes was very good! The name of the store is Passi Italiani! And the store is inside the central station. 

Another nice store is Dani Milano. Nice items for and the prices are very good. I bought a pant! And Parfois is also one of my favorite stores. Lucky me because  at Utrecht is also a Parfois store!

Can you imagine? This is the central station! Beautiful architecture isn’t? 

I hope you like this blog about Milan!