Happy Tuesday! The last time is a bit crazy for me! I’ve been wearing this tweed blazer countless times in the past month and can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally share it here. Tweed blazers are a closet staple that will never go out of style! This blazer is from Zara. I like the color because it’s timeless. Have a nice week and I hope I inspired you with this outfit!

Blazer // Zara
Top // from Dubai
Jeans // Zara
Shoes // Zara


Wearing a bracelet adds a final touch to your overall appearance. They are stylish and elegant, and give a playful touch to your otherwise sober appearance. They are available in different materials – hemp, leather, cloth, plastic and metal as well. Some of them are manufactured using rocks, wood or shells. If you like spending a bit more, then there are beautifully crafted bangles embellished with pearls, gold, silver and diamonds as well.

When picking up a bracelet, remember that you are the best stylist for yourself. Think about what you feel best in? What do you wear? Sometimes less is more, as can be seen with this simple Brashida angel bracelet. This type of bracelet becomes more and more trendy. Timeless and very cute-this type of bracelet and worn as addition to evening gown. They go perfectly with bead necklaces and pearls. By choosing a pearl bracelet you’re adding more elegance and sophistication to your look.

Brashida jewels bracelets are very elegant. Perfect for when you have a important meeting or dinner. So stylish and chique. Investing in good quality jewelry means appearance. As you as can see this bracelet gives my outfit the last touch. Layering pearls is a modern twist on the classic pearl bracelet. This is a daring approach and can be worn both casually and formally, but is best with a solid colored top or dress. This bracelet has all the layers rolled into one!

When styling pearls with neutral colors, you can’t really go wrong! Pearls add an airy and feminine quality to neutral outfits.

This is the link of the Angel bracelet https://www.brashidajewels.com/product/angel-ang-12-01/.

I hope you like this blogpost❤️

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Esra Elif



Happy Friday!

Finally a new blog about my workstyle!

I have an obsession with faux leather pants. I can’t stop wearing them! 1) They work with everything in the closet. 2) They make you look like a boss. 3) They’re bank account friendly – woohoo!

There are no style limitations when it comes to high-waisted pants, which is why I love this faux leather pair so much. Pair them with a shorter blouse or crop top and add a long sweater or jacket for interest. Not in love with short blouses? Simply wear your favorite longer style top and no one will know whether your pants are high-waisted or not.

A musthave KEY item in your wardrobe. I am lately addicted to nude colours even in my house.

This blazer is from my Mother’s wardrobe. The top is from Stradivarius and I am wearing the crop top often with my pants or high waisted skirts. Perfect with a blazer!

I hope you like this work office wear.

Lots of love,