Happy Monday!

Last Saturday I was at the Beethovenstraat Amsterdam to try out a Dior sunglasses at Eyewish! I need some new sunglasses yes middle at the autumn season! But during the autumn season you can profite more discount.


For my Dutch friends:

If you have a insurance at Menzis you can download the app Menzis SamenGezond for discount on your glasses or sunglasses at Eyewish. Because you can save points for a voucher! So that’s the reason why I want to buy sunglasses from Eyewish! But I did not find one!

I agreed with Saida at Brooks – Beethovenstraat 43. We only order cappuccino, because it was so busy and unfortunately they could not make the pancakes. But I really liked the atmosphere! The cappucino was very good!

Jeans // Levi’s

Blazer // Zara

Blouse // Boutique

Shoes // Boutique

Bag // Primark

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