B L U E & C O G N A C

BL U E & C O G N A C

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great great weekend. My weekend was busy and I spend time with lovely people and learned so much!

Style of the week:

Back to the style of the week! Jeans with a long blue color blazer. Do you also have a colorful wardrobe with blazers? Wear it with jeans! Perfect for the office and chiq enough when you don’t have any appointment at the office, right?

I think blue and cognac is the most sophisticated combination. It’s timeless! I am personally addicted to blazers and to different style with them! The blazer is from H&M new collection.

I think this color combination is also perfect for the spring!

Have a lovely week!

Lots of love,

Esra Elif

Jeans // Esprit

Blazer // H&M

Blouse // H&M

Ankle boots // MG Gregor

Bag // Wish A Bag

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