Lifestyle, health and fashion! I wrote about these topics long time ago at a forum called Turksnl.net. This time I want to start with my own blog.

My name is Esra Percin, born and raised in the Netherlands. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Laws.

After my studies I started to worked for six months at the Immigration-and Naturlization Department. After this project I was hire to a traineeship.

So I did a traineeship for my current job. Now I’m working for difference local governments. I didn’t expect to like this job because during my study I never like the administrative and constitutional law. Surprisingly I’m happier then ever, I really like my job!

In addition to this job I also coordinate the sport project for the local government and also worked for Curves as fitness coach. It’s -30 minute work-out program for women only. Because of my current job, I stop to work for Curves.

Never say never! Maybe I want to practice as a lawyer in a few years.
Well, enough about myself I think. I hope you ‘ll enjoy my blog..