B L A C K & G R E E N


Every women want to find a great pair of trousers. I am a big fan  of high waisted trousers. Especially when I go to the office. You can wear the high waisted trousers chic and casual. I combined with a striped blouse and my black long blazer. I think black blazer is a key item in the wardrobe. Because you can match it with everything.

I love to buy items which I can mix & match.  You can wear the blouse with a black pant, jeans or black skirt.

It’s important to have items in your wardrobe which you can mix & match.

But I look fatter than I am in this trouser. 🙂 But this trouser is so comfortable, so I really don’t care about it (just kidding sometimes I  will do that!)

Do you have issues when you look fatter then you are? 🙂

The ankle boots are from Parfois. Parfois have a lot of shoes, bags and accessoires. The prices are normal. This leather black ankle boots is just 40 euros. You can buy lovely shoes! What do you think of the belt? I choose to make pictures with a black belt and with the belt of the trouser. I think I like them both!

I hope you like this office look!

Have  a lovely day.

Pant // Mango

Blouse // Stradivarius

Blazer // H&M

Shoes // Parfois

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