B L U E & C O G N A C

B L U E & C O G N A C

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great great weekend. My weekend was busy and I spend time with lovely people and learned so much!

Style of the week:

Back to the style of the week! Jeans with a long blue color blazer. Do you also have a colorful wardrobe with blazers? Wear it with jeans! Perfect for the office and chiq enough when you don’t have any appointment at the office, right?

I think blue and cognac is the most sophisticated combination. It’s timeless! I am personally addicted to blazers and to different style with them! The blazer is from H&M new collection.

I think this color combination is also perfect for the spring!

Have a lovely week!

Lots of love,

Esra Elif

Jeans // Esprit

Blazer // H&M

Blouse // H&M

Ankle boots // MG Gregor

Bag // Wish A Bag



Print on print

Hello everyone,

How did you start the week?! I really had a bad and chaotic week. But hi, finally weekend!

It’s freezing and very cold in Holland. I can’t wait for the spring. The pictures were taken a week ago. Lucky me the weather was better!

I am obsessed to buy clothes as a set. And I love to match it print on print. Like this embroidered blouse with a pencil checkered skirt. You can find a variety of clothing from pants to skirts!

To get the most wear out of it, keep it right around knee length. You can go a bit shorter or a bit longer, but too short or too long and it won’t be a classic you can wear every year.

I love my new sunglasses which I received from Goedkope Zonnebrillen (for my Dutch friends). It’s very cheap and the quality is amazing! Check the website for more sunglasses:


And I am also obsessed to marble! Most of you knows that I moved to Amersfoort. I finally got my marble table!

And so happy with my new Iphone marble case which I received from Housjesoutlet!

Here is the link for the case:


I hope my work week will be better than the last week!

I hope you like this blogpost and the items that I received from Goedkope Zonnebrillen & Hoesjes Outlet!

Lots of love,

Esra Elif

Skirt // Zara

Blouse // Zara

Shawl // Primark

Shoes // Zara

Iphone case // https://www.hoesjes-outlet.nl/softcase-marmer-iphone-7-plus

Sunglasses // https://www.goedkopezonnebrillenshop.nl



*the Iphone case & sunglasses are received items


To daywear a pajama blouse? Why not!

I was searching so long for a silk blouse. I saw this blouse through the

Instagram page of Legal Fashion Nomad. Check her page for more fashion inspiration!

So, I decide to buy it! It’s a timeless piece, you can wear it to the office or very casual.

Did you know that silk blouse is a breathable fibre and therefore will keep your body temperature steady no matter what your room temperature does?

I am so obsessed with pleated skirts. You can wear the pleated skirts in so many ways! I used the pleated skirt with the silk blouse, leather jacket and my new red color boots!

I bought this boots on sale! I am also obsessed with red color. The best way to wear this boots is, to match it with black!

And my bag match perfect with my boots. The bag was a gift. I really love to match my boots with my bag.

A colorful shoes is one of the easiest ways to give your look a new spin.

I hope you like this blog!

Blouse // Silk By Nancy

Belt // H&M

Boots // Mango

Bag // Mango



And where better to start than in the heart and hearth of the home, the kitchen?
To choose a new kitchen?! It’s the most difficult en expensive investment. In this blog I want to give some advice and my experience about it. You also can see the before after pictures.

First of all I search on internet for inspiration. You can find through Instagram and Pinterest so many photos.
Maybe you don’t believe it, but I went to 10 kitchen stores. Because every kitchen store gives another advice. Some stores more and important information then you think.
I choose for a monochromatic Cottage Kitchen, WHITE with ANTHRACITE color.
The stone counter top is granite. I really love that color combination. White offers a relaxing a calming feeling.
Fresh & clean. So, the contrasts is the top granite.

Granite is a very hard stone and 100 percent natural. It’s mined from quarries all around the world, cut down to a manageable size, and then polished to a fine finish. Granite countertops should be cleaned daily with soap and water or a mild household cleaner. Some oils and acids can stain so do your homework first to avoid stains.

Consider your budget and specific needs before making a decision. I choose for a MDF door, because is relatively durable as a substrate and very stable.

Last but not least I choose for Siemens Studioline products, for the dishwashing, cooling and oven. During my student time I worked for Marskramer and Blokker. Lucky me! Because I had so much kitchen equipment purchased. But

– Go to different kitchen stores

– Think about the style

– Ask for 3D drawing

– Think about the materials

– Think about the format

– Don’t say your exactly budget! 

I hope you like this blogpost!

This is the before picture. It was a very old kitchen.

I am a tea and Turkish coffee lover!

I really love this nude colours in the kitchen.

Very handy in the kitchen. Especially during cooking.

I love this retro kettle. I bought it through the webshop of bol.com

I love to be organized.

I am also a big fan of English tea cups. I buy them from a second hand store.

As you as can see I organize  the tableware in color.

I really love this glasses. Once I found them ugly, but now I am in love with it. Very handy for smoothie and chic when you have guests. I bought the glasses at Ikea & Action.

B L A C K & B R O W N

Hello everyone,

Normally I really don’t like to match black and brown color. But black paired with brown can be very chic. This brown match perfect with the black pant! It’s not too dark!

Sometimes you are searching and sometimes you find it! Like this sweater with the beautiful sleeves details. It is super cozy!

This culotte pant from Zara is every year my favorite.

As suited to a day at the office as a night on the town

You can mix and match it with everything. The sweater is from a local boutique. Sometimes you can find for low budget lovely items, like this sweater.

The boots are from my mothers wardrobe. The bag is from Mind Your Bag. Did you know that the bag is made from recycled substances. The details of the Mind You Bag is definitely magnificent.

The inside of the bag is also beautiful. Clutches are often used as evening bags, but this ons is also perfect for a city walk or holiday! You can use the bag like a clutch or with the strap.

I hope you like this blogpost!

Have a nice week!

Sweater // Local boutique

Pant // Zara

Boots // Mothers wardrobe

Bag // Mind Your Bag


The key item: black skirt!

Hi guys!

How did you start the week? The last days it’s so cold here! So, I want to show you how you can wear a chic casual outfit for the office.

I combined this black skirt from H&M with a paillet sweater also from H&M! The black skirt is a key item! Choose a one that works for your body! I prefer the pencil skirt. You can combined the black pencil skirt in so many ways! The pencil skirt is a modern and practical item.

So make it fun to wear it with sweaters. I was searching for so long for this paillet sweater. I still love it and finally I found it! Do you like these types of looks? Sweater with skirt?

I hope that I inspired you & you like the photos!

Lots of love,

Esra Elif

Skirt // H&M
Sweater // H&M
Bag // Zara